Titan Ford Battery Centre

Titan Ford Service Centre stocks a wide range of Exide batteries to suit all vehicles, passenger vehicles, SUV's, 4x4's, light and heavy commercials. Our Exide battery range comes with a 18 to 42 months warranty depending on the model.

We will do a FREE battery condition test and if your battery does need replacing, we will fit it while you wait.

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Exide Extreme

The Exide Extreme is Exide's premium battery. This product uses sealed maintenance free technology delivering safe performance with no maintenance required. Exceeding OE specifications, this battery gives you better performance and durability. With a warranty of up to 42 months, the Exide battery allows you to drive with peace of mind.

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Exide Endurance

The Exide Endurance has the same sealed maintenance technology as the Exide Extreme, delivering a safe performance with no maintenance required. This battery meets OE specifications, delivering the genuine match for vehicle technology. For the consumers' peace of mind, this battery comes with a warranty of up to 30 months. 

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Exide Economy

The Exide Economy comes with maintainable technology which allows for DIY maintenance. This battery is suitable for older vehicles and delivers a reliable starting performance that you can rely on.  With a warranty of up to 18 months this battery offers you peace of mind and can be counted on every time you start your car.

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Exide SUV, 4x4 and Commercial

Exide have a range of batteries that will suit SUV's, 4x4's, light and heavy commercials. We stock a range of Exide batteries that are sealed and maintenance free to those that allow for DIY maintenance. Depending on the battery required, a warranty of 18 to 30 months is offered.